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We are now an Official Linguaskill Test Centre!

Linguaskill is an online English Language test that can assess 1-4 skills (Reading and Listening combined, Writing, Speaking) depending on what a candidate or organisation wants to show. Louth English administer the tests at our school or they can be conducted in-house for organisations as part of their recruitment or bench marking process. At Louth English you can choose between Linguaskill General or Linguaskill Business.

Linguaskill General and Business price list

  • Reading and Listening €40

  • Writing €40

  • Speaking €40

  • All 4 Skills €100

Why choose Linguaskill General:

  • You will receive individual and group reports instantly for Reading and Listening, and within 48 hours for all skills.

  • The test is modular, so you can choose which combination of reading, listening, writing and speaking is right for your organisation.

  • Linguaskill is multi-level, helping you to assess candidates of all abilities with just one test.

  • Tests are simple to deliver in-house

Why choose Linguaskill Business:

  • Linguaskill Business uses language specific to business setting

  • Linguaskill is an adaptive language tests and as such it allows companies to test users with language proficiency ranging from A1 to C1+ level together with one test

  • Linguaskill is an on-demand test and so sessions can be created ad hoc 7 days a week

  • There is a possibility of testing just one desired skill or combining multiple modules

  • With Linguaskill Business your test results will be available instantly for Listening and Reading modules or within 48 hours for writing and speaking

  • Linguaskill Business tests are online based and therefore easy to deliver in-house

Linguaskill General Sample Tests

Linguaskill Business Sample Tests

​For further information regarding the Linguaskill test, please visit the Linguaskill website.

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