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How to pass Cambridge C1 Advanced

"Practice makes perfect and vocabulary is king!"

Kerly Domínguez

Recently our student Kerly Domínguez passed her

Cambridge C1 Advanced exam with flying colours!

The exam is an in-depth, high-level qualification that

shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for.

Kerly worked very hard with us to pass and here are some tips on how to prepare!

Reading and English in Use

Practice, practice, practice reading texts under the exam in preparation for the test. It’s so important that you give an answer for everything. Don’t waste time on what you don’t know. Get all the marks you’re confident of, then leave time at the end to try to find the answers of those which you’re not as confident.

Look online for any materials that relate to the ‘ Reading and English in Use’ part of the exam. For example the flo-joe website -


Make sure an experienced teacher corrects your writing, gives you alternatives for accuracy and range in grammar and vocabulary and have a strategy for approaching each task.

Remember writing is all about planning and presenting your ideas logically for the reader (in this case the examiner). For example, be sure that you are ready to answer the compulsory essay question – its layout and content.


Watch examples of YouTube videos which show the format of the speaking. This will give you confidence when highlighting your views.


Listen to podcasts and videos from respected organisations. I really like the guardian podcasts -

For more information and support with your Cambridge exams contact or find us on our website

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