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LanguageCert SELT Registration Centre

SELT Exams for UK Visas

Louth English are an official LanguageCert SELT Examinations Registration Centre.

Candidates who book their exam through Louth English receive a 5% discount on their test fee. Louth English can book the exam on your behalf or you can book directly using promo code 5B5C2C.


Why choose LanguageCert for your SELT exam?

  • Easy exam booking up to 24hrs in advance

  • Many exam locations and slots available worldwide

  • Fast results in 3 to 5 working days

  • Fair testing of real-life language skills

  • Accurate results validated through independent research

  • Award-winning technology delivers exams

  • Ofqual regulated

  • Exams tailored to candidates’ schedules

  • Technology combined with a human element

  • Speaking exams are carried out by a real person online

  • Customer service 24/7/365

Which SELT exam should I take for my UK visa application?

Applicants may be required to take a 2-skills (Speaking & Listening) or 4-skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) SELT exam. All LanguageCert SELT exams are delivered through our global network of SELT Centres.

The minimum Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level required varies depending on visa type. Applicants with a higher language level can take an exam above the minimum requirement as long as it assesses the same skills that also satisfy the visa application.

Visa requirement information is subject to change. Applicants should refer to UK Government guidance on English language exams for visas and are responsible for ensuring they take the correct exam. Applicants applying for Study in the UK visas are advised to contact their sponsors to confirm which CEFR level they require before registering for an exam.

Click on the button below to see a document outlining the minimum CEFR level and skills required for each visa type:

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