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OET - Tips for Listening Part A

There are 3 parts to the OET Listening test: Part A, B & C. You will hear them only once, so you must be completely focused!

Part A is the first listening section you must complete and there are 24 questions in total that are divided into two case note completion tasks. You must complete the gaps with information that you hear from a patient in a consultation.

Here is an example of a strategy that can help you approach this task. You will always need a good knowledge of vocabulary and grammar for this test, however this way of planning what you will do, can help you prepare for Part A of listening.


· Read the questions for 30 seconds.

· Look at the sub-headings to help you guess the information.

· Listen for the answers from the patient.

· The healthcare professional will be your guide (where you are within the recording).

· Make sure you remember who the speakers are and what they are talking about.

· Try to think of words which have the same meaning as those you are hearing. For example, consuming = eating, hydration = lack of fluids.

· Do lots of practice and try to time yourself so you are more confident under timed conditions.

Students have reported that this approach has been effective in helping them gain confidence in this part of the listening test. Try it yourself using practice tests on YouTube!

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