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Louth English has the OET Knowledge Badge!

Louth English are proud holders of an OET Knowledge badge. We received our badge as certification that we have completed the OET Teacher Training programme in full.

OET Knowledge Badge

Louth English are endorsed by OET as we have proven that we offer high quality teaching that really delivers success for our candidates!

The badge signifies that Louth English has the skills and information to be able to competently prepare candidates for success in OET.

During the training, our teachers completed the 7 modules below.

  1. Intro to OET for teachers

  2. Starting out as an OET teacher

  3. Teaching OET Listening

  4. Teaching OET Reading

  5. Teaching OET Writing

  6. Teaching OET Speaking

  7. Setting up an OET course


Louth English has designed our OET course with specialist medical English and it is an intensive course focused on the skills, language and techniques healthcare professionals need for their OET exam.

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