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OET@Home - Take the OET test from the comfort of your own home!

OET have announced the launch of OET@Home: the version of OET that candidates can take in their own home through secured software and monitoring by a remote proctor. This means that any candidate in nearly any country can now take an OET test!

Am I Eligible for OET@Home?

When a candidate goes to the 'Book' page, they will be asked to type in the country where they wish to take their test.

If a venue is available (paper or computer) they will be able to select their preferred location from the list or by using the map feature. If they are in a country where no venue is available, they will be offered OET@Home. This will have a very positive impact on many candidates who previously have had to travel long distances for an OET test or have not been able to access a test venue at all. Check out the new and improved Booking page to see where you nearest test centre is located or to find out if you are eligible for OET@Home.

For more information about OET@Home, view all the details from the OET website.

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