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Have you joined the OET Improve Your English Challenge?

Improve Your English Challenge!

Healthcare professionals like you are needed now more than ever, so improve your English with our online quizzes, word searches and more.

For the next 6 weeks, OET is running the Improve Your English Challenge to help students preparing for OET keep motivated about their learning with some interactive challenges.

Join the 6-week Challenge!

Week 1's challenges are available now from the Improve Your English page, where you can also download a free study planner and join fellow students from around the world in our candidate Facebook forum.

Also join Alex from OET for a live session every Monday streaming via @OfficialOET Facebook and YouTube.

Why join the OET Improve Your English Challenge?

  • Practise your English skills

  • Build your confidence

  • Learn how to communicate effectively

  • Increase your chances of passing OET

Download our Study Planner

Use this interactive PDF to set goals, track your progress and stay motivated as you improve your English with OET. Download your 6-week Improve Your English Study Planner here:

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