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Linguaskill Online Exams at Home!

Don't forget that you can now take your Linguaskill exams online and from the comfort of your own home!

All you need to complete the Linguaskill online exam is:

  • A suitable PC or laptop with headphones, camera and a microphone.

  • A quiet, well-lit location where there is no disturbance.

  • A valid ID with you on the day such as your passport or National ID.

Remote Invigilation Candidates sitting the online Linguaskill exam are invigilated remotely. You can book at minimum 1 hour of remote invigilation per module. If you wish to complete all modules of the Linguaskill exam, you can book 3 hours in total. The fee per hour is €15. Scheduling the remote invigilation sessions can be organised by the school and at a time that is convenient for you. Secure Invigilation Platform and Report You can download the MyExams mobile app from the links below which will be used by the remote invigilator on your exam day:

To Book your Linguaskill Exam:

Complete the information below and email to

Once you are booked, we will create an entry code for you on the Linguaskill portal and send you all the details you need to sit your exam.

Your invigilator will be waiting for you on the MyExams Platform!

Full Name: Date of Birth: Contact Number: Email Address: Linguaskill Exam Type: (General or Business) Modules Required: 1. Listening & Reading €40 2. Writing€40 3. Speaking€40 4. All Modules €100

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