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Lessons I've Learnt from 2020

Now a lot had been made over the fact that 2020 was a year to forget and this is undoubtably true in many ways. But for us at Louth English it has presented some interesting opportunities to engage with content for online teaching which I had always been reticent about embracing. This is because face to face interaction is something that I have always favoured and found to be superior, in terms of student and teaching experience.

So last year was an opportunity to engage with content which took me out of my own thoughts and motivated me to become a better version of myself. The following 3 online educators are people which have helped me put pen to paper (fingertips to keyboard) and given me inspiration both in work and more importantly life.

Jay from E2 Language is a real inspiration, especially when it comes to helping students prepare for exams. He is extremely natural and welcoming in his manner. I particularly love it when he says, ‘cool bananas!’

Also as a source of inspiration both in terms of life and keeping your business a float there is Gary Vee. He really tells it how it is, and makes lots of inspirational videos on ‘loving the process’ and ‘happiness.’

In December last year I watched a video from a Personal Trainer who was introduced on one show as the PT’s Gordon Ramsey. He often talks about not being too hard on yourself and the importance of consistency. James Smith is passionate about making people healthier and I really love it when he does the voices of people that don’t agree with his approach.

Listening to these guys has helped me to see the value of ‘posting and not listening to that voice which always seems to focus on the negative.’ I also want to say that without my gorgeous wife I would never have started this blog as she is my inspiration every day.

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