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Language Access Fund for English Learning & Exams

Now open for applications! Those looking to make an application for funding in the seventh round of the Language Access Fund can now do so up until the closing date of Friday, 22 September 2023.

What is the Language Access Fund? The Language Access Fund has been developed by Trinity College London to provide English language learning and examination grants for candidates in the UK and Ireland.

It is specifically designed to support those who experience barriers to accessing training and qualifications due to socio-economic or race inequalities, settlement status, special needs or disabilities, and more. The grant will be used to help these candidates prepare for and achieve one of Trinity’s language qualifications.

What can the grant award be spent on? The grant can be spent on any of the following:

  • Exam fees

  • Contributions towards the cost of lessons

  • Contributions towards the cost of equipment or materials needed

  • Exam venue hire

  • Travel to an exam venue

How to apply Applications for the Language Access Fund must be completed using the online application form. Download our information and guidance for applicants PDF or email Louth English for support on

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