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5 Interesting Errors from Higher Level Student Writing

One thing I’ve found through my teaching journey is that students love to be corrected by their teacher!

While correcting student writing can be challenging depending on the task set, the student’s level and many other factors, it is important to give a clear correction and let the students know when and more importantly why they have made a mistake.

Below are 5 errors I have noticed my students make when writing

and the correction I’ve given:

1. Some students throw their rubbish on the ground despite that there are being two bins


2. Both posts allowed me to develop sociable skills and improve my English in conversations with the customers. Besides, I took the opportunity to learn how the hotel operates from within. Besides developing my social skills and improving my English, I took the opportunity to learn how the hotel operates from within the organisation.

3. It has an outdoor toilet too which was funky. (do you mean fashionable?) – You can have a

funky smell.

4. I hope that you as the principal can influence and improve this situation with students’

littering. if you talk with them at playground. Please could you look into this as the

situation is deeply upsetting.

5. While the adults can have a proper rest and relaxation moments moments of pure rest

and relaxation while at the hotel’s SPA center.

I hope that I haven’t made any glaring mistakes myself! What kind of writing errors do your students make and what corrections have you made to their writing?

Let me know if any are the same as I’ve listed or any other errors you’ve corrected recently.


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