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Business English Classes

These classes are topic based and include the skills necessary for international business communication.

Class contents include:

  • English for negotiation

  • English for specific purposes

  • Effective email and report writing

  • Improving your confidence when speaking  in a work context

Why choose Louth English for your English language journey?

Study English 
for Business.

Class Details

  • Start Date:  Every Monday

  • Length: 2 Days / 4 Hours per week

  • Course Fees:

    • 4 Week Course - €195

    • 8 Week Course - €385

    • 12 week Course - €575

Class Times by Level

 A2 to B1 Levels:

  • Tues & Thurs, 6pm to 8pm

 B2 to C1 Levels:

  • Mons & Weds, 6pm to 8pm

More Info

Why choose Louth as the destination for your English language journey?

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